Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Decklists Part Deux

So in the next expansion, Scars of Mirrodin, there will be a new Duel Deck. It will Feature Elspeth and Tezzeret, and their respective decks. At it's MSRP it's already a great deal. Elspeth is an incredibly nice Planeswalker, and Tezzeret has his uses in other types besides standard. He might also have a place in Scars of Mirrodin since it will be based around artifacts. Now, on to the Deck Lists. You can find them

**Also, I forgot to put in Kemba's Skyguard yesterday since I wanted to talk about him since he's special**
Kemba's Skyguard is a fantastic addition to this deck. 1WW is very cheap for a 2/2 flier that gives you 2 life. What is also special about it, is that it is the Scars of Mirrodin card for Elspeth's Decklist.
Anyway, onto Tezzerets decklist.

Tezzeret is a decent planeswalker, however rarely used in standard. In this deck however he is very good.
Onto lands.
Darksteel Citadel is the first of the lands. It comes into play indestructible, adds 1 to your mana pool, and is an artifact land. This makes it work nicely with Affinity and Tezzeret's final.
Mishra's Factory is next. It also adds 1 to your mana pool. Now it can turn itself into a 2/2 assembly worker, which allows it to benefit from Tezzeret's ultimate and affect affinity.
Seat of the Synod is a very useful land. It counts as an island, but also an artifact. This also affects affinity and Tezzeret's ultimate.
Stalking Stones is an interesting land that taps for 1. However it can also become a 3/3 for 6, which is useful as a surprise blocker.
Next are the creatures.
Arcbound Worker is one of my favorite artifacts of all time. For only 1, you get a 1/1 that when it dies, can give it's 1/1 counters to another artifact creature. I really wish they gave us more than 1.
Assembly-Worker is a basic troop for this deck. It can also be pumped by Mishra's Factory.
Clockwork Condor is a mediocre card, even though it has flying. It slowly gets worse as you attack or block. I'd only ever use it with Tezzeret's Ultimate.
Clockwork Hydra is the better Clockwork Condor. It can regenerate its 1/1 counters, and when it's removed it can deal damage.
Esperzoa is a good card when comboed with Faerie Mechanist. It also goes nicely with Pentavus, Serrated Biskellion, Trinket Mage, Triskellion,  and Clockwork Condor, because it allows them to get their 1/1 counters back or use their abilities more.
Faerie Mechanist is a good card to help get out more of your artifacts. Combined with Esperzoa you can do this multiple times.
Frogmite is the best artifact card ever. Nuff said.
Juggernaut can be very useful, however Elspeth's decklist has no walls, so it doesn't live up to it's full ability.
Master of Etherium is fantastic in this deck. While it doesn't affect +1/+1 counters on creatures, it helps keep them alive, and he can become very powerful.
Pentavus is fantastic. He can create 1/1  tokens that can be buffed by Master of Etherium or other sources.
Qumulox is also great in this, since Affinity for Artifacts is broken. You can easily just play him for UU, and he's a 5/4 flier.
Razormane Masticor is a great card. With first strike, 5/5, and the ability to lightning bolt a creature every turn, he's a very valuable creature on your field.
Runed Servitor is an okay card. It adds drawing power, however it also affects the opponent.
Serrated Biskelion is a good card when combined with Esperzoa. He's a little lackluster at first, but eventually he can become damaging to your opponent.
Silver Myr fits greatly with this deck. He's another mana source and a chump blocker if you're in trouble.
Steel Overseer is wonderful in this deck. He can keep Clockwork Condor up, Razormane Masticor, and really any of your artifacts alive. He's also not costly.
Steel Wall is a great turn 1 drop. It'll protect you until you can get your larger things out.
Synod Centurion is a great card. Your lands count as artifacts (most of them), which would make it near impossible for the Elspeth decklist to get rid of them. a 4/4 for 4 is also very strong.
Trinket Mage is a great card to get out Arcbound Worker, Steel Wall, Aether Spellbomb, Elixir of Immortality, and Everflowing Chalice. Most of these have small uses, however Trinket Mage lets you get them out faster which is what you want.
Triskellion, when combined with Steel Overseer, is an unstoppable force. Then turn he comes out he can be a 5/5 if you have Steel Overseer out. Every turn you can pump him and get rid of the opponent's more bothersome creatures.

Lastly, we have the other spells.
Aether Spellbomb is a great draw card and can be fetched by Trinket Mage. If you are in trouble, you can pop something back to their hand.
Argivian Restoration is a great card for getting back creatures that you'd rather have on the field.
Echoing Truth is a good card to save your own or get rid of theirs, however, with only 1 of each card in both decks (for the most part), it doesn't live up to what it can be.
Elixir of Immortality is a great life gain card. You can also swing with it if you activate Tezzeret.
Energy Chamber is an amazing card in this deck. You can pump up Everflowing Chalice, or you can make your creatures even stronger, such as Arcbound Worker.
Everflowing Chalice is a good way to keep mana available for little cost.
Foil is an okay counterspell. This deck doesn't have a lot of reasons to get rid of your cards, so there isn't an advantage to discarding though.
Moonglove Extract is a fairly decent damage ability. It's rather lackluster though.
Thirst for Knowledge is amazing. 3 draw and discard 1 for 3. Ungodly.
Thoughtcast is hacking. draw 2 for 1. Come on.
Trip Noose is good. It helps save you from a large creature with flying eating you almost every turn.

And now I saved the best for last. I didn't even forget this time.
Contagion Clasp. Costs 2.
When Contagion Clasp enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.
4, t, Proliferate (You chose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give them each another counter of a kind already there)
So basically you double whatever counters they have. This is wrong. With Infect (Does wither to creatures and poison to players), you can cut your winning time in half. I'm ashamed that they made this.

"Wurmcoil Engine"
Artifact Creature - Wurm
Costs 6
Deathtouch, Lifelink.
When ["Wurmcoil Engine?"] is put into a graveyard from play, put a 3/3 artifact wurm token with deathtouch, (and/or, picture was hard to decipher), a 3/3 artifact wurm token with lifelink into play.
This sounds very, very, very nice. It's a mythic. It might be the pre-release promo.

Pre-Release events for Scars of Mirrodin start September 25-16, and the set hits October 1st!


  1. I remember when I started and there was no such thing as a planeswalker so everyone had a white deck.