Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Night Magic

I was feeling tired last night, so I didn't make a blog. So I'll do it today! So Friday Night Magic was last night, and it was goooooood. I forgot my notepad though, so I couldn't write down my decklist or how the games went. But I'll just give a basic overview.
I used a Pyromancer Ascension with super secret tech polymorph. It went well, except that in the deck with all drawing power, I failed to get Pyromancer's Ascension out. Which sucked. A lot.
So my first matchup was against Blue-White control. However it was also the person who was lending me the deck (I don't have a budget, so I borrow decks). So I played him. I won the first game, and theoretically won the second. He didn't want me to sideboard in anything since we were basically playtesting. So I took the loss 2-1. Seemed fair in my opinion.
Next game I played against Boros Bushwhacker. This was a lot easier first game. I comboed off at turn 7 or so. The next game was close however. I had to use lightning bolts and everything on his creatures because I never drew a pyromancer's ascension. I eventually drew two, but he Celestial Purged them both. When I was at 4 life, I had a pyromancer's ascension at 2, and I topdecked a Forsee, used it, scryed into a forsee and Mana Leak, used it again for a call to mind. It was his last chance to beat me. If he topdecked a burst lightning, he could still pay the 3 Mana Leak to kill me. He drew a plains. I showed him the call to mind, and he scooped.
Third game was against Super Friends. The first game I started with 3 mana leaks. I dropped a Pyromancer's Ascension turn 2. Turn 4 I mana-leaked his Ajani Vengeant, and turn 5 I mana-leaked his Jace the Walletsculptor. Then I pondered, giving my Pyromancer's Ascension it's second counter. Drew a time warp, and once I played it he scooped.
Second game I went for my super-secret-tech. Turn three I used Spawning Breath on him. Then I drew a Polymorph, played my Island, polymorphed, right into the only creature I had - Emrakul. He scooped.
Then I played Jund. But it was heavy "Get your hand out of here" jund. He maelstrom pulsed my pyromancer ever time, duressed my time warps, it was all around bad. Next game, like an idiot, I super-secret teched. Dunno why I guess I had already given up. I managed to get a khalni Garden out, but he duressed my Spawning Breath and Polymorph.
All in all I only went 2-2, but, next week I'll probably do better.


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    Glad you're having fun though!

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