Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not Much Going On Today

Well, there isn't an incredible amount to blog about today. Deck Jesus, who you'll meet later on this week, isn't available today to help me fix decklists made by Wizards. I guess I'll comment on this FauNaya deck made by Joseph Jackson. It was in the Great Britain 2010 National Championship.
Deck list there.
I've always wanted to make a Fauna Shaman Naya deck, but, I don't have the budget for it. And it is a high-budget deck. The backbone of this deck is Fauna Shaman and Vengevine. You discard a Vengevine, fetch a vengevine, and repeat that until you have a vengevine in your hand and three vengevines in your graveyard or in play. Then I would personally discard the vengevine, fetch a baneslayer, play the baneslayer, and get the vengevine onto the field. You -will- have 4 Vengevines and 1 Baneslayer on the field, at least. Unless they have a Leyline of the Void. If Leyline of the Void is out, the very first thing I'd get is a Qasali Pridemage. That thing is fantastic even just for it's power. A 2/2 with exalted for WG? Thats a 3/3 for 2 if it swings by itself. And if you need to, (like when Leyline of the Void pops up), he's a low cost enchant/artifact removal. Linvala, Keeper of Silence is another fantastic card. It basically screws over other Fauna Shaman decks. It's also out of bolt range which makes it even better. Another incredible card is Knight of the Reliquary. It can pump itself incredibly high while also getting out your man-lands. Although I have a personal hatred of Bloodbraid Elf for being damn near broken, I have to admit that it fits very well in this deck. Putting cards on the bottom of your deck is never a problem for Fauna Shaman, so the risk is nil.

I did a playtest of this deck on Magic Workstation, and this is how it went.
Opening hand: Noble Heirarch, Forest, Plains, Raging Ravine, Fauna Shaman, Sylvan Ranger.
I lost the roll, and I went second.
E: Turn 1: Opponent plays mountain, taps it, plays Goblin Guide, swings for 2. I reveal a Vengevine.
M:Turn 1: Draw Vengevine, play Forest, tap it, play Noble Heirarch. Ended.
E: Turn 2: Drew, played Mountain, tapped both, Searing Blazed my Noble Heirarch. Swings for 2. I was now at 12. I revealed Birds of Paradise.
M: Turn 2: Drew a Birds of Paradise. Played Plains, tapped Forest and Plains, played Fauna Shaman. Ended.
E: Turn 3: Drew. Swung with Goblin Guide. I revealed a Sunpetal Grove, put it into my hand. Ended.
M: Turn 3: Drew a Tectonic Edge. Played Sunpetal Grove. Tapped Sunpetal Grove, tapped Fauna Shaman, discarded Vengevine, got another Vengevine. Tapped two, played Sylvan Ranger. Got a Mountain. Ended.
E: Turn 4: Drew. Tapped one, played another Goblin Guide. Swung with both. Blocked one with Sylvan ranger, took two. Now at 8. I revealed a Fauna Shaman. Ended.
M: Turn 4: Drew Fauna Shaman. Played Mountain, tapped Forest, discarded Vengevine got Vengevine. Tapped Plains, Forest, and Sunpetal Grove for Green, and played Birds of Paradise and Fauna Shaman. Got the two Vengevines onto the field. Swung for 8. He was at 12.
E: Turn 5: Drew. Played a mountain. Tapped three, played Hells Thunder. Swung for 8. Blocked Hells Thunder with Birds of Paradise, blocked Goblin Guide with Fauna Shaman. At 6. Revealed Forest, put it into my hand. Ended.
M: Turn 5: Drew a Basilisk Collar. Played Forest. Tapped Forest, tapped Fauna Shaman, discarded Vengevine. Got Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Tapped Mountain, Plains, Forest, Sunpetal Grove for Plains, played Linvala, Keeper of Silence. They scooped.

I really liked playing as the deck, but it just costs so damn much to make. Thoughts on the game? Any misplays? Feedback is appreciated.


  1. is this game really that interesting ? my friend spents heluva lots of cash on cards. or i mistook the game ?

  2. Oh no it's tons of fun once you get into it. Just make friends.

  3. A lot of them do. I see blue/white leading most of the time, but Pyromancer's Ascension and Fauna Shaman have been pulling up

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